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About Us

Zilver has multifaceted solutions for the modern bathroom and includes versatile faucets, headshower, washbasins, toilets, kitchens etc. We have complete range of products and solutions for day to day living the bathroom in public and private places.

We have introduced a new concept of bathroom designs to reflect a sanctuary for relaxation. The scope of Zilver sanitary ware variations appears virtually inexhaustible, covering bathrooms from the large to small, from the casual to the elegant.

The Zilver organic shapes and modular options will transform any space into an artistic masterpiece.

The Ultimate Diversity

Our Latest Projects

Long-lasting and refresing solutions with minimum risk of failure, guaranteed reliability and ensure success of our effort, through developing Clear, Concise, Complete and Credible Delivery.

Our wide range of toilets is both discreet and stylish. Slick and unobtrusive cisterns with hard wearing flush buttons are our trademark. At Zilver we invite you to match your favorite choice sanitary ware to bathroom tiles, to set free your creative spirit and turn your bathroom into your very own work-of-art.