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SKU: GS1212-1

Zilver Self Closing Basin Tap

Zilver self closing tap is an ideal tap for water saving.

Technical Information

  • Product Standard EN 816
  • Aerator Type M18.5x1 Male Threaded (Latent Type)
  • Flow Rate 7.5 - 9 Lt / Min (3 Bar)
  • Body Raw Material Brass
  • Spout Length 120 mm
  • Spout Height 80 mm
  • Loom Hole Diameter Ø33±1 mm
  • Product Total Height 160 mm

SKU: GS1412

Zilver Self Closing Tap Wall Type

This line of self closing faucet with an advanced design is suitable for public or semi-public spaces that aim to differentiate themselves: hotels, VIP areas, etc. The  shapes of this collection avoid water splashes on the shelf and taken together comprise a highly integrated and elegant design. Due to the SOFT push button, this line is a user-friendly solution for elderly people and children. The item is suitable for public places Ablution area, Hospital, hotels and all public areas

Product Description

  • Self closing tap
  • Metal handle
  • Single hole mounted
  • With S point aerator
  • Minimum working pressure 0.1bar
  • Maximum working pressure 3bar
  • Time of water flow 0 to 16sec
  • Finishes: chrome plated

SKU: GS1102

Zilver Self Closing Tap

  • Zinc Head
  • Brass Body
  • Chrome plating 0.2-0.3 micrometer
  • Nickel Plating 8-10 micrometer
Product Specification