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Zilver New Double Bib Cock

Description Zilver Double bib tap, is an ideal product for toilet shower control and is convenient and durable. Features Brass cover Brass body Chrome finish


Zilver One Piece Toilet

One-piece toilet: If the toilet and tank are fused together without any joints then the toilet is known as a one piece toilet - also known as single piece toilet.
  • Size: 650 x 350 x 690mm
  • S-trap: 100mm Roughing-in
  • Soft Closing PP Set Cover
  • Wash Down System


Zilver Open Shower Rod (Fix Type)

Basic information: Zilver Open Shower Rod without Shower
  • Open Bend Tube fixed
  • Chrome plating 0.2-0.3 μm
  • Nickel plating 8-10 μm

SKU: ZY9050

Zilver Sensor Tap

Zilver Infrared Automatic Basin Spout is truly modern with its innovative infrared technology. Fully hands-free operation via the built-in infrared sensor means that this spout provides an easy and hygienic wash on a daily basis. A strikingly curved angled design for this piece is not just a visual flourish but also ensures convenient placement so that simply placing your hands within the sensing range activates the water flow which also makes it water-efficient. It is constructed using best quality brass and finished in shiny chrome for a durable and sophisticated looking fitting. SPECIFICATION
  • Aerator Type M24X1 Male Threaded
  • Flow Rate  7.5 – 9 Lt / Min (3 Bar)
  • Operation Type Electronic and Sensor with Automatic Photocell Eyed
  • Spout Length 95 mm
  • Spout Height 135 mm
  • Water Connection Flex Dimension 1/2″
  • Max. Performance Temperature 80°C
  • Suggested Performance Temperature 60°C
  • Photocell Faucet Energy Feed System Electric (220V / 12V) and Battery (6V DC Lithium Cell)
  • Product Total Height 160 mm
(Made in Turkey)


Zilver Shower Rod with Open Bend Tube Adjustable

Basic information: Zilver Shower Rod with open bend tube without Shower •Open Bend Tube (Telescopic Type) •Chrome plating 0.2-0.3 μm •Nickel plating 8-10 μm ZQWS02


Zilver Two Piece Toilet

Zilver Two Piece Toilet Economic and Convinent and is convenient and durable.
  • Dual Flush System.
  • Wash Down System.
  • Elongated Bowl Offers Added Room and Comfort.
  • 3/6 Liter per Flush.
  • Soft Closing PP Set Cover.

SKU: GS1412-1

Zilver Self Closing Basin Tap

Zilver self closing tap is an ideal tap for water saving.

Technical Information

  • Product Standard EN 816
  • Aerator Type M18.5x1 Male Threaded (Latent Type)
  • Flow Rate 7.5 - 9 Lt / Min (3 Bar)
  • Body Raw Material Brass
  • Spout Length 120 mm
  • Spout Height 80 mm
  • Loom Hole Diameter Ø33±1 mm
  • Product Total Height 160 mm

SKU: ZY8902

Zilver Sensor Mixer

No Touch Automatic Sensor Taps/ Mixers incorporate state-of-the-art design and technology to provide the ultimate in convenience. In addition, they offer the added benefit of improved hygiene by eliminating the need to physically touch the fixture to turn the water on or off. This eliminates the chance of re-contaminating one’s hands by touching the same handle that was previously touched by not only your own unwashed hands, but also those of every user who came before you. Sensor taps/ Mixer are very simple to operate. The sensor detects hand movements and turns the tap on for use, then turns it off after no movement is detected for a specific amount of time. Whether you are unsure as to which style of automatic tap will best complement your existing design or are in the process of designing your facility from the ground up, our expert customer service personnel are available to help you. FEATURES
  • Brass body
  • Minimum pressure
  • Sensor Mixer Battery operated (Lithium Battery)
  • For single hole installation
    • inclusive of Brass body
    • Flexible connection hose with brass nuts Faucet aerator
  • Chrome plating 0.2-0.3 µm
  • Nickel plating 8- 10 µm
  • Minimum pressure: 1 bar
  • Clean water required due to dust particle sensitivity, install filter if required
Product Specification

SKU: GS1412

Zilver Self Closing Tap Wall Type

This line of self closing faucet with an advanced design is suitable for public or semi-public spaces that aim to differentiate themselves: hotels, VIP areas, etc. The  shapes of this collection avoid water splashes on the shelf and taken together comprise a highly integrated and elegant design. Due to the SOFT push button, this line is a user-friendly solution for elderly people and children. The item is suitable for public places Ablution area, Hospital, hotels and all public areas

Product Description

  • Self closing tap
  • Metal handle
  • Single hole mounted
  • With S point aerator
  • Minimum working pressure 0.1bar
  • Maximum working pressure 3bar
  • Time of water flow 0 to 16sec
  • Finishes: chrome plated